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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back Now After a Break

Time to get back on track posting the latest here after taking a break from writing.

Briefly, I will summarize the time off by saying there have been various events both at work and at home that have needed all my energy and focus. So, lets get up to speed on what has been going on.

New Aussie pup "Arlo"

New well being drilled adjacent to the 12th tee complex in July
The quest for water continues. Our primary source is the old refurbished well at the back of the practice range. Although it produced close to 200 gpm for the majority of the summer, lately it started to pull sand and gravel. The gradual degradation of the well casing is now to the point where it is inoperable. There are 3 options that are being considered. 1) Patch the holes that have developed in the casing. 2) Sleeve the old 14 inch casing with an 8 inch casing. 3) Drill a new well in the same location.

 Fortunately, we have back up water from the City of San Jose, and a new well. Ironically the San Jose source is basically the same water we used to get from Santa Clara County only now it has traveled to the water treatment plant and costs a lot more.

In switching over to the well, there was the need to produce a holding facility. The lake excavation spoils haul off tied in nicely to re-designing the practice facility and those areas are spectacular now that they are grassed. It is easily the nicest most thought out practice area that I have been a part of.

Crane placing the foot bridge over the new irrigation lake at the 11th hole
Water conservation has been happening throughout the San Jose region and our our water district is leading the way with an over 30% cut back in use. At La Rinconada we are currently at 28% and I project we will be close to 35% by the end of this year. Achieving this high reduction while under construction and growing in new grass has been a delicate balancing act. Recently I received comments that the course looked too good. Too green for the drought conditions. Well, I will work on that.

Selective grassing of the #11th hole to conserve water

As I close this I have to mention one last change. Since becoming a GCSAA Board Member last February, my schedule has had to be rearranged. Not as much leisure time. The ultra trail races I was doing last year have taken a back seat, and there has been a concerted focus on time management. It is very gratifying to do this industry work, and  it can not happen without the full support of the club, my staff and my family. It is truly service work that requires giving of one self.

It is taking time to adjust to these changes and I look forward to getting back into the routine of posting. Stay tuned, I hear El Nino is on its way!


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