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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rain For a Week Relieving Course Drought

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES West 12 hr Loop

GOES West image showing deep moisture training into California with more on the way

The last month has been a great stretch of weather for all of California and has done a lot to moisten the soil on the course. Over 5 inches have fallen in the last week and it is raining now with a forecast for another .5 of an inch. There have been a few wash outs and minor flooding, but overall it has been a friendly rain, soaking into areas that were bone dry prior.

The policy for play is for the course to remain open as long as it is safe and no irreparable damage will be incurred. That puts on onus on the players to have the best interest of the course in mind, relying on common sense. We are fortunate to live in a climate where golf can be played year round leaving little reason to play in heavy rain.

Flooding on the 12th Monday, December 2nd

For the golf maintenance staff, this weather gives us time to catch up on work around the shop and training. For example, today we watched some training videos, detailed out equipment, and did a little "deep cleaning". Like the players we also only go out when it is safe and we are not doing damage. Heavy equipment that creates ruts is not used on saturated ground, hence the rough can get pretty high with prolonged periods of rain. However cutting cups, hand mowing of greens, tees and approaches can be done in inclement weather without damage.

Well, lets hope that this is the start to a wet winter and puts us back in a good position with our state water reserves.


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