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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Water in the Forecast

Our rain has come and gone for the time being, but do not despair, we are pretty close to normal so far this fall and winter. 

If that trend continues then moisture will increase for the next 3 months. The total for the recent rain events is under .50 of an inch but it has made a dramatic difference in course conditions. If you believe in El Nino forecasts then you will be happy to know that NOAA has predicted above average sea surface temperatures mid winter into spring 2015. The full report can be found here.

Our contractor installing main line from the old irrigation well through the practice area

While we are on the topic of water I want you to know that we have moved beyond the planning stages on our water infrastructure and begun installing pipe last Monday. This pipe route is from the old well at the back of the range and will connect to the existing irrigation main line near #1 tee. There will be the option to continue the pipe to the ponds at the 11th hole should that be needed in the future. In the short term the old well will service the irrigation at the practice facility, and can also provide limited short term water directly injected into the irrigation system.

New irrigation pump station site across the pond near the fitness facility

The long term irrigation source will be a new pump station at the 11th hole. The rebuilding of the pond at the 11th hole is in the planning / permitting stages with the expectation that it will be ready for next spring.

It feels really good to be moving ahead on these projects and to have the rains return. Hopefully they continue, and even if they don't we have water in our forecast.

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