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Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to Not Get The Summertime Blues

Thinking back to July one year ago when the turf conversion was just a year old, things were really good all the way until the heat and full stress of summer was upon us. Well from that experience the grass got a lot stronger and so did I, which brings us to a better condition this year. Despite the drought and irrigation cut backs.

Over 10 large branches have fallen this summer due to the hot dry conditions

There are inherit difficulties that are due to the physiology of the cool season rye grass when it is hot, combined with sodium and chloride that have built up in the soil from a lot of irrigation and very little flushing rain. I don't think there is much need to explanation why sodium chloride (table salt basically) would be bad for a growing plant. This year we started treating for this condition earlier in the summer to relieve some of the stress with our new injection tank and pumps. This has resulted in a stronger plant and less water necessary to maintain health.

Diligent sand topdressings and aggressive aerification have facilitated water penetration 

All this preparatory work will be paying off this next week when temperatures are forecast to be in the mid 90's. Both the grass on the course and I will not be feeling as much stress. Beyond this summer there is hope for a normal winter and there is talk of el nino returning. I have to say that the prediction of long range weather patterns such as el nino contains a lot of low accuracy speculation on the part of the "experts". I use a lot of caution when I hear these long range weather predictions on the news, or when talking to someone in casual conversation. But in the mean time every day that goes by that we have water and the golf course continues to do well, is a day closer to winter and that hope increases for the rain that we usually get.


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