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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unusual Pests Associated With an Unusual Year

This year the weather has been unusual and the resulting insects and diseases have been unusual as well. There are diseases that are seen every year that we treat for and are able to avoid losses of turf. But sometimes when unusual things occur it can catch you off guard and cause problems.

This past winter when we did have rain it was extreme. The prolonged wet conditions were conducive for leaf spot fungus to break out on our new tender rye grass. This was a big concern that fortunately resolved itself with dry conditions.

Leaf spot affected grass in late December
Around a few green edges we began to see turf damage that was unusual. After excavation into the green we found young sod web worms which are rarely seen here. They probably came to La Rinconada in the sod that was installed around green edges. Insecticide was applied and the problem was resolved.
Sod web worm found in greens in August

A few days ago I was looking closely in the thin areas on the 15th fairway when I discovered a billbug. They are occasionally found in the South Bay area but rarely are a problem. The life cycle of the billbug generally results in damage in late spring into early summer and insecticides were applied in May to control grubs that should have taken care of billbugs as well. This year there was a second generation due to the length of the season and additional insecticides were applied.

Billbug found in fairways in September

Billbug damage in the 15th fairway


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