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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heavy Winter Rains

Heavy rains impact the area and the course. Over 4 inches of rain fell over the last 4 days which has caused a number of problems that will need to be addressed this next week. 
Right approach at #2

This area of the 2nd hole has drainage installed, but obviously it is not working properly. This drainage will need to be re-done to eliminate standing water during future rain events.

The pond at the 11th 3 feet above average
These ponds at the 11th overflow and ultimately go down to the 1st hole. There are no obvious solutions to keep this water from going down to #1.

A large flow into down the 12th fairway

The water leaving the property at Wedgewood correlates to the water coming down the 12th fairway and entering the ponds at #11.

Water leaving the property at #1

The new drainage at #1 is working very well, however it was not designed to handle the amount of water that this latest storm has produced.

Standing water on the 18th green
This area of the 18th green puddles during most rains.  This is a  high priority to remedy, although it will be difficult to do. It is an indicator on how well the greens drain and the amount of aerification that is necessary.

There are a number of bunkers that have washed out. To put them back into shape the silt needs to be removed, then the clean sand is then shoveled back onto the face and compacted. In the bottom where the water accumulated the sand needs to be loosened up by turning it over with a shovel.

There is also a number of limbs, and a lot of leaves to clean up. This work will take the better part of this week to complete.


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