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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finishing Week 2

Two weeks ago La Rinconada was open and there was play on the course.  Today it is in terrible shape and definitely unplayable.  For the remainder of the time until re-opening every day will be spent on getting things back into shape and growing grass.

The seed is beginning to germinate, which is reassuring.  I have grown enough seed to know that it will happen, but there is something special when that green hue comes over the surface.  The first areas seeded where holes 14 and 18, and there is grass just starting on those holes not more than a week after planting.

The remaining work that needs to be done is on the 1st hole, where the drainage is being improved.  The old 4 inch drain pipe was removed and  600 feet of new 6 inch pipe and rock put in.  Five 12 inch drop inlets where installed, a detention basin was created, and the entire area regraded.  I am anxious for the first rains so we can see it perform.

Laser level of the drainage installed in #1
Drain line location on the first hole

The 15th green was enlarged by over 2,000 feet creating a shortage of existing grass to put back onto the green.  A combination of aeration cores, bentgrass seed and sand will be used to re-establish about 25% of the surface area and it should be in good shape by November.  This new green is much more interesting than the old version, however, you will still recognize its signature right to left hard break.

The old sod being replaced onto the 15th green
Check list of completed items
All surfaces prepped for seed and sand
Existing green edges located
Irrigation grow in programs created
Sprinkler heads raised
All surfaces sprayed with herbicides at least once
6,000 tons of sand delivered and spread
30 acres of hydroseed applied
60 acres of dry seeding
20 tons of fertilizer applied
All greens, tees and roughs aerated
15th green rebuilt
13th left bunker re-shaped and size reduced
Tree work done
Check list of to do items
Grow seed
Repair damaged areas from truck traffic
Grow  in areas as new green space that were not before
Establish mulch areas around trees
Contract netting for the 5th hole
Re-establish cut lines around the course
 Open ASAP


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