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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Roundup Spray Update

The round up application marks a new phase for the golf course.  I knew it was going to feel strange killing off the existing turf, however the scope of work and the necessity of being thorough heightens those feelings.

#14 August 21st 2012. One day after roundup spray.
By the weekend we will see alot of yellow.

Approximately 80% of the course was completed Monday, leaving delicate areas to finish with small sprayers.  The last 20% is tedious but it is imperative that these areas are addressed so that they don't become the sources of contamination as we grow in the new grass.

The likely hood of tracking roundup onto the green once it has dried is very remote, but because there is a very small possibility we are taking every precaution. The areas around greens will be dried for a day before anything is allowed on the greens. Mowers and players included.  Greens mowing and rolling will be reduced this week because of the round up, and that will result in slower green speeds. Keeping equipment off the greens for a couple of extra days is a small price for the assurance that there will be no damage from wheels that have traveled through the sprayed turf.

Look for updates here in a couple of days as I monitor the effectiveness of our application.


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