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Kevin is currently the certified superintendent at La Rinconada Country Club. Kevin was the Director of Maintenance at Lahontan Golf Club for over 14 years. Some of the responsibilities over the expanse of his career include the daily upkeep of multiple golf courses, natural resources, environmental compliance, and roads and streets. The wide ranging expertise has come from a combination of education and experiences. Degrees in Meteorology (1987 University of Nebraska/Lincoln), and Horticulture (1992 Colorado State), complete the formal side of this important combination of qualifications. A lifetime of experience around golf courses, and the game of golf was provided by Kevin's father.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bunker Etiquette

Foot print down the bunker face
Although bunkers are a hazard, there is a great deal of time and resources dedicated to there care. In most cases bunkers are the second most costly feature to maintain, second only to greens.  In my experience they are the area that players comment negatively about the most.  And the biggest area of negative comment is plugged lies in the face. 
In the picture here you will see where a player entered the bunker via the face eliminating the compaction thus creating the possibility of a plugged lie in the face, and an encounter that I really do not want to have with an unhappy player. 
Proper care of the course extends beyond ball mark and divot repair.

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